Discover your hidden processes in harsh environments with radar and radio-based sensors

Radarbolaget - We solve the apparently impossible!

Radarbolaget is radar and radio-based measurement applications in harsh environments. Every day, we strive to create the most accurate radar for most innovative measurement solutions. It is in our belief, that such equipment makes your hidden processes discoverable, which create new customer values.  
In all Radarbolaget’s research and development projects, the created values are connected to energy and environmental savings. In addition, objectives are also connected to higher and more uniform quality, decrement of energy and production costs, increment of productivity, and making processes visible for online control.  
Radarbolaget has proprietary technology and whole-sale solutions for industrial applications. Never hesitate to contact us, regardless if you are thinking of an apparently impossible measurement problem, wanting to become an OEM-partner of our technology, or buying existing products. Radarbolaget is measurement technology, positioning, material investigation, 3D-imaging, radar and radio. 

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Most accurate radar for most innovative measurement solutions

Nothing gets better than what is possible to measure. Let us widen your perspective of innovation. Take part of our R&D reports and data. Perhaps, it is a starting-point for a new innovative collaboration and development.