Our solutions

Regardless if we develop our own solutions or support a partner, we always follow a specified development process. Initially, we analyze an idea from both a business and a technological perspective. After a “green light”, the idea can be further developed as pilot study, prototyping, null-series (reference case), product, and product maintenance.

Steel temperature

Go from estimated and indirect temperature determination of slabs to measured and direct temperatures. 

​​​​​​​Measure the temperature in steel slabs, blooms, or slabs by considering them as big expanding thermometers.  

Wood moisture

Go from slow inaccurate sample-based measurement of moisture in wood chips to fast, non-sample-based and accurate measurement.

​​​​​​​Measure the moisture in wood chips of a whole truck or tractor bucket in a second.

Lime calcination

Go from offline and delayed sample-based measurement of lime
calcination to online direct measurement.
Measure the calcination in burnt lime online and at different places at a shaft furnace.

Radar R&D

Start your radar or radio R&D project today.

Take an idea or a field of research to a new level with UWB
radar and radio technology. Adapt the radar and radio system to your specific experiment.