Radar gives faster moisture measurement of wood chips

By measuring the moisture content of wood fuel using radar, time could be saved and prices would be fairer. In a project run by Radarbolaget together with Gävle Energi, BillerudKorsnäs, Stora Enso, Gävle University, Uppsala University and Skogforsk, SEK 4.5 million will be invested in developing the technology. Land Skogsbruk

OPTIMUS - Reference installation of radar sensors 

Radarbolaget in Gävle, Sandvik, SSAB, AGA and Prevas receives 2.7 million from the Swedish Energy Agency to detect energy gains and reduced emissions by installing radar sensors on steel furnaces at Sandvik and SSAB. The objectives are large distribution and international sales. Process Nordic

Moisture measurement at Gävle energy 

During the winter season 2016-2017, radar equipment for moisture content measurement of wood chips (biofuel) will be tested at Gävle Värmeverk, Johannes's biofuel plant. Participants in the project are Skogforsk, Virkesmätningsföreningen, BillerudKorsnäs, Gävle Energi and Radarbolaget. Skogforsk

Calcination measurement with radio equpiment

MINBAS project has decided to investigate radio measurement from Radarbolaget as a method to determine the level of calcination in limestone and burnt lime. The project is supported by Vinnova, Cementa Heidelberg, and Nordkalk.

Radarbolaget wins Boost Innovation 3.0

A united jury selected the winner of Boost Innovation 3.0 based on criteria of potential, innovation height and implementation. The winner Radarbolaget had the challenge with the greatest potential together with the best solution that came from the University of Gävle and Professor Daniel Rönnow. The solution is based on the design of antennas and antenna housings in metamaterials, which can create structural properties that are not possible with ordinary physical materials. Features that are sought in the radar company's sensors include making objects invisible to the radar at certain wavelengths, so-called stealth technology.

Optimized heating of steel slabs - OPTIR

​​​​​​​Together with Sandvik, Ovako, SSAB, Aga and Jernkontoret, Radarbolaget has received 6.5 million SEK for a three years research project from Energimyndigheten. The perpose of the project - OPTIR - is to develop methods for temperature determination of steel bars in rehearing furnaces with radar technology. The goal is to make the heating more efficient of steel bars in Sweden with 123 GWh.