Sensor & Antennas

Radar and radio measurement sensors and antennas

Sensors & Antennas can be bought separately through OEM-partnership. Implement your own OS or software and build your own housings and mechanics for a specific product. 
DiRP1.2 and RPU3.0 systems are UWB (ultrawide band) radar and radio measurement sensors and antennas for innovative measurement solutions. The RPU3.0 system is a stable platform installed at over hundred steel plants around the world. The DiRP1.2 system is the latest technology with highest accuracy and dynamics. Both systems are designed to be customized.


Sell a sensor under your trademark


Sensors are running on over hundred worldwide industries

OS and software

Implement real-time OS, Linux, Windows on the sensor


Adjust accuracy and cycle time to your needs

Key values

  • Robust and digital UWB-technology
  • Customizable and configurable
  • Jump-start system and first tests
  • Replacable OS and software
  • High accuracy (sub-millimeter)
  • Propagating through harsh environments 
  • OEM-partnership
  • Greentech