Radar sensor for steel heating optimization and furnace control 

OPTIMUS Steel is a radar measurement sensor that delivers thermal strain-rate, width, or distance (absolute/relative) of steel slabs, billets, or blooms. 
The measurements can also be used to determine expansion/shrinkage, displacement, or curvature.  OPTIMUS Steel is based on the generic radar measurement sensor DiRAD Industry.

Through wall

Measurement through furnace insulation

High accuracy

Relative sub-millimeter measurement


Digital radar and internet connected

OPTIMUS concept

Adjust furnace control and optimization systems with true data

Key values

  • Thermal strain-rate, width, distance, and displacement sensor 
  • Online steel tracking and logging
  • Through wall and insulation measurement 
  • High temperature sensor for harsh industrial environments
  • High accuracy (sub-millimeter)
  • Digital UWB radar, internet-connected (IoT)
  • Non-interrupting replacement of sensor