Radar Developer Kit

Jump-start UWB (ultrawide band) radar and radio measurement sensor and system for advanced analysis

Developer Kit is a radar measurement sensor that can be used for research and development projects. Multiple radar analysis is delivered, e.g. raw radar signals, signal processing, SAR-imaging, and radargrams. 

​​​​​​​It comes with two frequency modes, two pair of Vivaldi antennas, and one DiRP1.2 unit (Digital Radar Processor). The sensor and system can be tailored on request with other configurations.

Jump start

Start measuring immediately

Test your idea

Make a fast test before investing too much

Software and data

PC software included for data analysis


Adjust antennas, frequencies, cycle time to your needs

Key values

  • Distance sensor (relative/absolute) 
  • Through wall and insulation measurement 
  • Material investigation (ε’ and ε’’)
  • High temperature sensor for harsh industrial environments
  • High accuracy (sub-millimeter)
  • Digital UWB radar, M-sequence
  • Software included (DiRP Admin)
  • Integrated with Scilab/Octave
  • Easy-to-go software
  • Jump-start system